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About the Artist

Bill Brauner’s 49 years of product design and development background include successfully developing and running several different consumer/industrial/ computer products companies.


His latest company, Readymax Tools and Safety Products developed over 50 industrial tools and safety products, along with an extensive line of fly fishing accessories, for retail and OEM markets   His product design/development knowledge, coupled with a strong mechanical engineering background is very broad and diverse.  He holds over eight (8) patents (utility and design) in computer accessories, industrial tools, safety products and fly fishing gear.  His passion for fly fishing and the outdoors covers a lifetime of experiences.  His other passion; photography, has been in his blood since birth.  He is the son of a Kodak optical engineer (father), who taught him how to use a camera and compose good images at a very young age.  Bill has taken several advanced photography classes at the college level and photographed events of all kinds, worldwide. 

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